Yeti Sasquatch Annihilation

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Defend your tree house from all comers in the most epic battle between dubiously real creatures never known to humankind! Play as the Yetis or Sasquatches and fight for your right to invisibly inhabit your forest or mountain home with rockets, mini-guns, and an orbital laser. Will your blood stain the tundra, or will you live to disappear again?


Defend your tree, destroy your enemy!

Use the mouse cursor to aim.

Click the mouse button or press space bar to fire.

Press Z, X or number keys to switch weapons.

Purchase upgrades in the Store at the end of each level.


Press R to reload.

Throw grenades instantly by pressing G.

Bonus points are awarded for consecutive level victories and maintaining good health.

Enemies are worth more money the closer they get to your tree.

Cash not spent in the Store generates interest.

Purchase defense items to protect your tree.

Purchase a mercenary to add to your firepower.

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