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Have you ever wondered what the best way to get a girl's attention was? Take control of Geoff Jefferson in our new point and click adventure game and he'll show you how it's done. A little bit of creativeness, a hint of daring, and a whole lot of stalking might be just what it takes for Geoff to woo the girl of his dreams.


Use your mouse to click on objects. Having the eye icon selected will allow you to look at and examine things. The hand icon allows you to search, pick up, use, and combine objects. Open your inventory by clicking on the box icon to see the items that you've collected so far and examine them.

Having trouble with the game or think you found a bug? Report it to



If you get stuck click on the question mark at the top left of the screen to get a hint. Each hint reduces your score by 1.

Clicking on the star button on the top right of the screen will show you objectives that you need to accomplish to move forward in the game.

Try examining items for tips, and combining them to create new items.

A full walkthrough can be found here:

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