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Play Nunchuck Charlie, a free online game from Adult Swim. The evil Queen Chigeon has kidnapped Nunchuck Charlie's beloved bear, Mr. Teddington. Time to nunchuck some fools in the face.


Save Mr. Teddington from Queen Chigeon! Control Nunchuck Charlie using arrow keys and press the "X" or "M" key to attack with your nunchucks. Bring in a second player to play as Nunchuck Charlie's cohort, Senhor Mortadela. Move him using WASD and attack using the "1" key. Build up your combo meter by beating on enemies quickly, and hold down the attack key and release for a super-charged blow!


- Using a charged attack on unhatched eggs can kill the enemy inside.

- Look out for secret gnomes hidden throughout the levels.

- Hit enemies in quick succession to build your combo and increase your score.

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