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The Mountain Man has gone crazy (again)! The judge sentenced him to community service as a shopping mall Santa, but it couldn't quiet his rage! Help the Maniac smash boulders down snow-covered mountains, controlling them left and right during the descent with his mind power. Smash as many things as you can on the way down and in the city at the bottom. Work your way from one mountain to the next until the final showdown with Santa Claus!


Arrow keys left and right - Move the Mountain Man.

X or down arrow - Swings hammer. Press and hold to build power, let go of hammer when it is solid red for the most power/biggest boulder.

As the boulder goes down the mountain you can control its direction left and right with the arrow keys as long as you have rage power (indicated in the gauge at the top left corner of the screen). The higher the multiplier number next to your rage gauge, the more control you will have over the boulder.

Smash as many objects/cars/people/animals as you can with the boulder for points. Each stage has a destruction quota that you must meet by decimating a certain percentage of the city buildings below. On each stage you have five tries to meet the quota.

Z - throws a special hammer during bonus stages / boss fights. You have a limited number of special hammers, but you can find/collect more strewn around the mountainside.

Space bar - Pause. On the pause screen you can press Enter to review the tutorial again or hit Esc to reset.


You will be awarded special point bonuses for knocking groups of people/beasts/things off the mountain.

If you hit the Abominable Snowman with a boulder he will appear at the top of the mountain to challenge you. He will throw boulders at you, so watch out (and swing that hammer at his projectiles).

At the end of each Mountain stage the long arm of the law or Santa's helpers will arrive to capture you. Introduce them to your sledgehammer, and throw special hammers (if you have them) with the Z key.

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