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You're bored. You're at home. So why not kill some time hitting a few balls around...in the house. Choose your shots well and destroy that annoying figurine collection on the mantle in the Living Room, or set off that build-your-own-volcano kit in your brother's room-cave, or lay waste to grandma's greenhouse. Your immediate surroundings are your golf course.


Aiming - The yellow line coming off your shot denotes the approximate path (along the ground) that the ball will take. When you click and hold the mouse on the yellow line you can drag the path right or left to line up your shot.

Power Meter - The power meter in the lower right corner of the screen will begin to fill when you click and hold the mouse button over it.


Release the mouse when you've reached the desired power for your shot. If you continue to hold the mouse button down over the meter it will repeatedly fill and deplete until you let go of the button. Letting go when the power meter is in the red will be a powerful shot but it may not follow the desired path.

Club - Choosing clubs can be very important, especially when hitting hard-to-reach shots. The standard driver will hit the ball along the ground. The higher number the club the more loft the ball will have.

Hole in one - Targets in the room with a red flag will count as a hole in one if you hit them in the correct way (and you'll automatically activate the remaining targets and move to the next room).


Some shots require a bounce off another object to count as a hole in one.

Hazards - Broken windows or holes in the floor count as hazards. You get a penalized a stroke if you hit one.

Mulligan - If the ball ricochets back at you and hits you in the groinal area, it counts as a Mulligan and you get a redo. Which is the way it should be in life when you get kicked in the nads.

Combos - If you angle your shots and choose just the right amount of power you can hit multiple targets in one go.

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