Drunken Assassin

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Play Drunken Assassin, a free online game from Adult Swim. It’s not easy assassinating alien monsters when the whole world is spinning.


Kill all the aliens! Stumble your way through each stage killing everything in your sight. Maneuver through spinning rooms with the WASD keys, aim your weapon with the mouse, and click to fire. There are special weapons on almost every stage to aid in your xenocide. Walk over black boxes containing them to equip. To utilize moving platforms, stand on top of them and they will move automatically. If you need the platforms to move faster, just step onto the circled arrow.


- The Rocket Launcher fires homing missiles, so there's no need to spend much time aiming.

- Having trouble using the Grenade Launcher? Try using walls to kill enemies from around corners, and remember, you can't damage yourself!

- Be careful when walking near endless pits, one drunken misstep will have you falling.

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