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Make your way to the very top of the corporate ladder, jumping, dodging and stomping your way past surly co-workers, performing the type of menial tasks that will soon be beneath you. When you get to the top floor, take a moment and breathe a sigh of relief, because there's only one way left to go...down. All the way down. Then it's a matter of brushing yourself back off and doing it again or descending to become the boss of different kind of corporation.


Corporate Climber is played with the keyboard. Use the mouse to interact with menus.

Right and left arrows - Controls your character

Down arrow - Makes your character duck

Up arrow (or X) - Makes your character jump

Space bar or P - Pauses the game

M - Mutes music and sound effects

ESC - Quit and submit score to the Adult Swim leaderboards

You can continue your game from any floor you have previously reached.


Upon arriving on a new floor, you can stand in the door and remain invincible by not moving. Once you move, you open yourself to getting hit.

You can collect items your first time through the game to use the second time 'round.

Be observant. Look at what's happening in your current level and the levels above and below. You may find secrets you haven't seen before.

Don't rush. You may miss items along the way.

You can jump to a lower level by pressing down and X.

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